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Ceremonies, Symbols, and Traditions of the Ancient and Modern Olympics
Olympic Extras!
Ancient Olympics
Ancient Olympic Ceremonies
Ancient Olympic Symbols and Traditions
Father of Modern Olympics
Modern Olympics
Modern Olympic Ceremonies
Modern Olympic Symbols and Traditions
Olympic Extras!

Here are some exceptional links where you can find information about the Olympics, play games, and so much more! Have fun!


Need some ideas on Olympic Crafts? Do you need any help on finding information about the Olympics? Click the link below!


Intrigued by the Ancient Greeks and their Olympic Games? Visit this digital library to become infatuated with the ancient Greek Olympics!


Baron Pierre de Coubertin dedicated himself to the Olympics. Click the link below to learn more about him!


Interested in learning more about the Olympics and its history? Visit its official website!


Do you want to do an Ancient Olympic Cyber hunt?  Visit this site!


To learn more about the United States Olympic Committee, go the website below!


The 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece are approaching! Visit their official website!


The 2006 Winter Olympics are in Torino, Italy! Visit their official website!


The 2008 Summer Olympics are in Beijing, China! Visit their official website!



More links to come! J

Race to the Finish!
The 800 Meter Race at the 1900 Olympics in Paris

Being nimble and light-footed, his father encouraged him to run in the Olympic race. "Yes," said he, "if there were any kings there to run with me."